Hi sweethearts,

How are you doing?

We are now a year on, a year in which we had to learn to live with that terrible virus,

a year that has put our lives on hold but at the same time also felt like we were in a roller coaster that brought us (just like the corona numbers) up and down!
Yep. Your feelings go in all directions... Sometimes it's really not obvious to be positive. Those annoying emotions that you can't control have a dominant effect on your happiness, and that's totally understandable! You're not alone. It even puts the most positive people off balance. The trick is to break that negative thought spiral... Something I tried to do every day by avoiding the negative news a bit...

I have to admit... After those first weeks of lockdown, my focus went completely to the ellemillashop and my little family! The moments when I had time for myself I tried to read and learn a lot and I have to say that I probably would never have done this if the world hadn't been so out of control!
The silence and peace could be felt and I used the past few months twice as hard to get closer to myself!
The negative messages on the news I tried to take as little as possible into my day and put positivity first...

Dear future, I'm so ready for you...

Now... After a year of silence and focus, I too am beginning to really have had it!
I want to go out outside, I want to be able to go wherever I want without any worries. I want to let the children know that the world is at their feet, that we can just cuddle up with all our friends and family again and that the idea of keeping our distance is disappearing more and more into the background!
I miss my family and the cozy moments together, but just for that reason I still persevere and be careful!
Even though we're tired of it... We still have to do this together... Together we can do this 💪

Keep it together

We need to take the time to beat this virus or find a way to live with it! This is gonna take time... And how much longer this is going to take, no one knows, but realize that we need to take a little more time to get better as soon as possible, that we shouldn't let time pass us by and stay in those negative thoughts, because our time is so precious and we never get it back! So no matter how you feel, stay positive! Do it for each other, do it for yourself!

Still here for you, 20% off EVERYTHING!

We must continue to support each other and take care of each other! Every little bit helps... I'm still here for you girls 💕 That's why I have provided a nice discount promotion for you! I know I can do you all a huge favor with that, and that makes me happy... You can now shop EVERYTHING at 20% discount!

So sit back and relax in your most comfy set and take a carefree look in the shop for something nice! Something you can spoil yourself with 😊 We deserve it so much...

Below I give a few more tips to help you focus on the positive!
They're just little things, but they can do wonders on days when it's all a bit bumpy...


We are now forced to deal with our work and our lives in a different way. This makes us more creative and we amaze ourselves with our planning and organisation skills. You prove once again that you are a top woman!

Try to let go. Try to accept, the situation is as it is and we can only make the best of it. You will see that you often have no influence on future scenarios. So let go and trust that if things happen in the future, that you will also find a solution.

Working at home has its advantages, you don't waste time traveling and that again provides extra time for relaxation. Go outside because nature has a positive effect on your state of mind!

Brighten yourself up with nice and pleasant thoughts. Collect beautiful memories and try to focus as much as possible on the positive things in your life! For example, make a list with your children of things you still want to do, so that you can dream of the days when it's all possible  again!


Don't look too far ahead! Give maximum attention to the little things that are still possible now: cooking a whole menu together with the family, crawling under a blanket together and watching your favorite programs or funny YouTube movies, giving extra attention to your pets, taking care of yourself...

Look for positive things and avoid the negative as much as possible. All those news reports leave you with an unpleasant and negative feeling. Not with us! Watch a news broadcast once a day and keep it that way.

ღ  Treat yourself to something extra! You've been holding on so long, it's time to celebrate! With a nice takeaway, a new pair of shoes or jacket, a new book...

ღ  Pick up new business! Think about gardening, pruning the plants... You can also use this period to invest in your personal growth. Take time to read, meditate or take online courses.

Day by day

There is no point in panicking, but there is a point in sticking to the guidelines and making the best of it!

This storm will pass as well! In the meantime, we can do our best to be good to ourselves and the people around us. So start enjoying our fun discount action, small things make for maximum happiness! You can do this 💕

and so much more...

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