Knitwear Care

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Some sweaters contain more wool or mohair than others so it's normal they can lose hair when worn so it's super important to treat them with lots of love and care! 🎀 That way they will remain your best friend for years to come!

Here you can find out everything about knitwear care: from washing to drying to tips & tricks against frizz...


We start with some tips & tricks against lint! Some fabrics are more sensitive to pilling than others.

Very annoying but also a real shame to let this beautiful piece of clothing lie on the shelf of your wardrobe... just because it's fluffy...

We're going to do something about that 💪 Are you ready? Because here comes a (small) wash list hihi!

1. Night in the freezer

This trick is one of the most well known ways to make your itchy sweater less fluffy! You put it in a sealed plastic bag et voila: it gets to chill in the freezer overnight ❄️

Sleep tight sweater, good morning (almost) lint-free friend! I can't assure you that it won't fluff at all anymore but it will be a lot less anyway 😊

Care for Knit

2. Things run smoothly

If you have a clothes roller in your house, it can come in handy!

Tip: it's best to lay your sweater on a flat surface, this will have just a little more effect 😊 And roll it on!

If you have a lint brush in the house, that's fine too! This one is equipped with a velvet piece of fabric

where the hairs and lint stick to 😊 Both are equally good!

3. Where is that tape when you need it?

Adhesive tape, that's something you don't often need in the house!

Unless to hang up Cis and Vin's drawings hihi or to wrap presents... 🎁

And now also to make your sweater less fluffy! So take that tape out once more,

wrap it around your fingers with the sticky side up and swipe it across the fabric 👌

It helps!!! Then that tape has more use than those 10 times in the year hihi anyway

Knitwear Care

4. Very useful: the nail scissors

This trick might be a little more labor intensive but we're all for it, right girls? So you usually do this on sweaters that don't fluff super hard but only have a few fluffy pills.

You pull the pills up a bit and gently pinch them off! You can work with these scissors just really fine instead of regular scissors 😊

5. Small washes, big washes

Wash your sweater inside out! Fluff is caused by the friction of the fabric, both when worn and during washing...

The latter creates a lot of friction as the clothes are spun around countless times ➰

By putting your sweater inside out in the washing machine in a laundry bag,

the lint will form on the inside and the sweater will not rub against other garments!

6. The laundry label knows what to do

That annoying laundry label can come in very handy for pieces that fluff!

On the label you can read what temperature it's best to wash it at or whether or not to put it in the dryer...

it sounds very logical and yet we don't always do it... sooo laundry label to the rescue!

Although it is almost impossible to completely stop clothes from pilling,

at least now you know what you can do to prevent it as much as possible! 😊


Mohair garments are best left unwashed between each wear, that way they will last the longest!

Mohair or acrylic clothing should be washed with care - hand wash or machine wash in cold water or on a special wool wash program.

I also recommend steaming your sweater best on medium heat or with a damp cloth over the garment, I usually add a few drops of essential oil! Smells oh so wonderful 🤗

Would you like to wash them in the washing machine? Do this on a very gentle program at 20, max 30 degrees in a laundry bag!

That way the shape remains the most beautiful ☺️ Also preferably without fabric softener... rather a mild detergent!

Gently pull the sweater back into its proper shape when you take it out and lay it flat to let it dry.

That way, it will retain its fit and definitely not stretch 💕


Are you easily sensitive to an itchy sweater? Even then I have a few tricks 😊 Did you know that you should wait 5 minutes for the sweater to adjust to your body temperature? After all, wool/mohair is a natural product! 🎀

Other tips to reduce itching:

1. Night in the freezer

You can also find this tip under 'tips & trick against lint' but also against itching! So two in one 🤗

Dampen the garment and put it in a plastic bag for 24 hours in the freezer! Brrr but this will cause the fibers to contract slightly and thus be less itchy...

Let the sweater thaw slowly on a towel the next day 👌

2. Hair Conditioner

How do you make your own hair soft? Right. With conditioner! So this also works perfectly for your wool item.

Apply some diluted conditioner and gently knead it in. Then wash on a wool program in the washing machine and let the garment dry lying down!

Do you perhaps have another good tip? Feel free to let me know at 😘 Together we are going for lint-free and itch-free knitwear hihi!