7 years ellemillashop

On August the 1st, ellemillashop exists 7 years! I could'nt have done this without your support, your beautiful compliments, your wonderful orders, your sweet messages through mail & social media! Every single day.... 💖 So we had a great plan: a big b-day drop with real ellemilla pieces to thank you for the past years! ☺️

Say hello to the pre-fall collection!

But our enthusiasm was too high and we couldn't wait hihi... So from one beautiful b-day drop, a beautiful mid-season was born! Yes darlings... I am proud to tell you that from August onwards we will be ready for you every week with lots of new must haves! 😍 More drops, more ellemilla musthaves, more pampering!

Pre-Fall in love

I love summer... but secretly, fall even more!! 🤭 So an in-between collection of two blissful seasons together was a great challenge for me! One that I was happy to take on!

With one leg still in summer and the other towards fall, I carefully chose pieces that you will be able to wear both seasons (and actually all year round)! 🌞🍃

I'm thinking of cozy evenings at the campfire after a sunny day! 🔥 It's very nice to be able to wear a cardigan over your dress 👗 Maybe you're going on a city trip or a family outing, then jeans and T-shirt are always a good idea ☺️ In the evening you can definitely wear a knit when you go for a nice walk! I'm going to make sure you're perfectly prepared for the combination of sunny and chilly weather!

What to expect?

Comfort is key in the new collections! Combined with a touch of femininity and a personal ellemilla touch 🎀 So I got inspired by nature, my favorite artworks and the small, beautiful things in everyday life! You start to shine naturally when you feel good about yourself, and that's exactly my goal with the ellemilla collections!

One of the most feminine, luxurious looking materials for me is silk and lace! Think of tops, blouses, dresses.... Of course also the classics: denim, T-shirts, sweaters.... I'm also warming you up with some soft knits and crochet pieces! The trick is to work with layers 🙌 Finish with the cutest accessories ✨

The pre-collection got an extensive color palette that both seasons stand for! So I started looking at colors that are hot this summer but will also flow beautifully into the new season colors! 🌈 Yes expect brighter colors this fall too!
But also softer shades that have been inherent to the ellemillashop from the beginning! So everyone who has been following us for a while knows that we love those creamy tones, pastel shades and soft pink shades 🎀

Are you ready to fall in love?

I can't wait to take you to a new chapter! Silently, we're preparing for a new season together... but still enjoying all the beauty that summer has to offer 🌞🤗