About Us

🎀 Welcome my loves to the ellemillashop! 🎀

About ellemillashop our story

About Us

An online shop, which was born through the combination of years of dreaming and passion for fashion and interior design!

I am Sarah, or more precisely ellemilla! Born and raised in Antwerp! 🏠
I was fascinated by the fashion city and always creatively active...! I learned all about clothing design, which was super fun but I wanted more!
I started to explore photography with a focus on portraits and the female body! 🎀

Photography evolved into collages, collages into paintings, and thus the blog ellemilla was born! Since the age of 18, this was my creative outlet! The place where I could show my creative works to the outside world.

Not much later I met my husband Ties! Together with his two lovely daughters, Sammy & Yindi, we moved from the bustling, busy Antwerp to the beautiful Lommel 🌳
Besides being a city girl, I totally fell in love with nature and tranquility!

I suddenly got to know much more than just the city and could enjoy hours of peace and quiet in nature!
But most of all, I learned to work very hard! 💪 I gained a lot of experience in Ties' interior design store: besides fashion, interior design became a big passion!
So nice to share a passion... We had to do something with that 😍

Our story

My biggest inspirations

Together we have 2 blissful sons: Cis and Vin, who brought out the very best in me! My greatest sources of inspiration! Literally, because the desire to create started itching again!

When Cis was born I made cute garlands, paintings, prints and other accessories for the nursery! The name ellemilla had been in my head for so long... Ever since school!
We had to choose a designer name and that's how ellemilla.be was born 😍

A lifestyle online store for moms and kids, with a lot of my own work but also with fun brands for kids and a little bit of clothing for moms!

Start of the ellemilla adventure

Vin was born right after the shop opened, which was in August 2015, and so we started the ellemilla adventure nice and hectic!
With the baby on my lap and toddler by my side I sewed my garlands by hand day in and day out... At some point we knew this was no longer achievable...

The women's clothing was going like crazy so we chose the fashion side full on and we enjoyed it so much!

Family is everything

I can express my creativity in my photography and styling and Ties does the management of the shop!
Sammy has been at the helm of the shop since the beginning! In the meantime she knows how to keep everything running smoothly in the 'fairy factory'!
Because yes that is a very magical place for us 😍 Our little paradise! Meanwhile, Yindi also helps out in the warehouse, so nice!

We know each other inside out and know exactly what to expect from each other!
Having the same mindset and ideas together is a godsend that makes us run ellemilla 24/7 with love and joy!
Of course we can't do this without the team of ellemilla girls who are by our side and give the best of themselves every day! You know who you are ❤️

The girls who have a big place in our hearts are YOU! You guys mean so much to us and make everything so much better!
Both the sweethearts who have watched me evolve through @ellemilla since the beginning and have continued to cheer me on as well

as all the new ellemillagirls who have joined in the last few years... you are precious to us one by one!
Your beautiful orders, sweet emails, posts on social media and beautiful reviews are worth their weight in
gold to us and give us so much satisfaction 🙏

About me ellemilla

ellemilla is more than just an online shop. I want everyone to come to work happy and I want all the ellemilla girls to come to shop with a good feeling!
From buying, stocking, coding, packing to shipping... everything is done with such care and love! 💕

I want your questions at info@ellemillashop.com to be answered as quickly as possible and any problems to be resolved!
That personal touch is very important to us 🙏

Every day we all work together to make ellemillashop a cozy place where you can shop a wide range of clothing every week: affordable, trendy, but also basic with that little extra!

I choose every musthave with love and always with this condition in mind: feel good musthaves that boost your self-confidence and make you feel comfortable!

Since the beginning of ellemilla, my goal has always been to make women - no matter what age, skin tone, character - feel beautiful...
& to reflect their inner self to the outside world through clothes they feel good in! 🎀
From that mindset, I have been able to release 5 beautiful collections under the name 'The ellemilla collection - Self Love'! Made with all of my love!

Of course, we still keep dreaming every day! Every new collection is still as exciting as in the beginning...
because the only thing that counts for us is that you are happy with our pieces!

About us

This is our story but I also can't wait to hear your story via email, social media or anywhere! We are here for you because we are one big family 💕