Blue Monday, let's do this! 💪

Blue Monday is a name that was given to the supposedly most depressing day of the year... But let's quickly put that depressing thought out of our minds... we're not going to focus on that! There are plenty of reasons not to give up, to look on the bright side of life and only focus on the positive things. And they don't have to be big changes or events... on the contrary! It is the ordinary moments that are often the most beautiful...

I know that is not always easy to focus on because sometimes we are so busy with all kinds of things that we often forget to focus on that little happiness! The trick is to find out which little things make you happy ☺️ I call it 'my daily dose of happiness'! Little daily things that make your day extra special. I have tried to list my happiness makers with which I hope to inspire you too to look for your daily dose of happiness! And of course we do that on Blue Monday as a statement hihi 😁 

1. My children's laughter

If there is one thing that brightens me up day in, day out, it's Cis & Vin's laughter... Nothing is more beautiful to me than hearing them giggle together! Sometimes it can be such a silly thing hihi, but they can laugh so much about it that I spontaneously start laughing too! That's great... Something small but oh so important to me! Your children happy, mom happy 😊 

2. The smell of tea

Tea, something simple, but for me it is the way to wake up relaxed and to take a moment for myself! It starts from choosing the tea in the store to brewing and finally enjoying the last drop 😊 I love to try new flavors and really make it a moment! My moment 😁

3. Listen to my dreams

Dream. Believe. Do. Repeat. This is my favorite motto! This is proven by the sweater from my most recent ellemilla collection made by me 😁 A nice thought that designing my own collections was also really one of my dreams that I got to fulfill! The first result of listening MORE to myself and following my own dreams!

Create the life of your dreams... I still dream every day, it takes you to a world where your inspiration and ideas take shape and can even lead to realizations. For example, I still want to do so much for ellemilla and every day I try to make a piece of it come true so that I can ultimately look back very proudly as I do now to my own self love collections! I believe that dreams are necessary to grow sooo keep on dreaming 😊

4. Dress well, feel good!

Of course this happiness maker cannot be missed! It is my passion and I am working on it every day. Not just for myself, but in the first place for you... I want my clothes to bring out the best in you and to boost your self-confidence... I do this by carefully choosing the collections! Collections with just that little bit extra with which we can profile ourselves 😊 Every piece should scream: here I am & I deserve to feel good! Sometimes I feel like walking around in a comfy set all day... often I just put on my most comfy jeans and sweater... Sometimes I want to dress up completely with all the trimmings... whatever your mood is, I want to make sure there is a suitable outfit for everyone 😊 Knowing that I can do that every day with ellemillashop is great!

Therefore, especially for today, I also created a dreamy collection with soft pieces that immediately make you feel very good and beautiful!

5. You rock! My crystals give energy

Recently, I developed a great fascination for crystals and stones. I received a set of stones as a gift from @Joyffee and soon afterwards I took several self-care, cristal & living with the moon courses.
Little and big tips that I use in my daily life!
One of them is buying crystals 😊 In the meantime they have become an important part of my life and our home hihi! They bring balance, harmony and a sense of warmth & tranquility... Even the boys love all our stones and have a nice collection themselves. It may all sound a bit fuzzy, but because of these stones I have a beautiful ritual for myself that makes me grateful every day! I have never lived as consciously as I do now, with both feet on the ground but very happy and full of energy! ❤️

I have a Celestine. This one brings harmony and peace and teaches confidence. A Carnelian for perseverance, creativity, inspiration and passion! And of course the rose quartz for unconditional love because it also has a link to the shop! In the past, this stone was even in the ellemilla logo 😊 Ow and these are just a few stones from my offerings hihi!

6. A creative mood

Creativity is a very important factor in my daily life! Both on a personal and work level 😊 I try daily to look for creative activities to do with the boys! I also see that characteristic in them and they can let their creativity go all the way and I love that 😍 It is what you create in your own mind and actually start doing something with it! And especially in my work, I can express my creativity... I often sit in my studio from morning to evening, brainstorming about collections, fun quotes and photos end then eventually make a mood board out of them. 😊 I also have a llittle book on my nightstand, if I come up with something nice at night, I can write it down immediately! And that can make me really happy when I come up with something nice...

It's me time!

What I make time for every day is a moment for myself! An activity that immediately makes me very happy: preparing a healthy meal for my family, taking a bath and enjoying a good book, planing an hour of rest with a yoga session or just getting rid of my energy in a dance work out hihi! As long as I schedule some me-time every day 👌

8. Ending the day with love

Every day I also try to insert a moment of gratitude 😊 I prefer to do this towards the end of the day because then you can reflect on everything that has come your way that day. I then list 5 things that immediately give me a happy feeling and that made me laugh! It is something I do for myself and therefore not a real lucky charm... but having yourself reminded of the things that make you happy will make you wake up happily the next day! So the circle is complete 😊 

I'll stop at 8 dots, because 8 is my lucky number... & it's all about luck today girls hihi! So tell me, what makes you happy every day? I am very curious about that! ❤️ 

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