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About Us

About Us

What started as a dream soon became our reality! Our life... our pride!
From a shared passion for interior design and fashion, I started the ellemilla adventure together with my husband Ties in August 2015! A silent dream that became reality and which we still enjoy just as hard every day 🙏

Together we have two sons, Cis & Vin, our biggest inspirations! Meanwhile, Ties' two daughters, Sammy and Yindi, also help out in the “fairy factory” ('cause it's a magical place) to keep everything running smoothly! Having the same mindset and ideas together is a godsend that makes us run ellemilla 24/7 with love and joy!

We have only one goal and that is to provide you daily with the best products, packed with all our love! Girly, cozy, comfy and affordable are the main principles in our collection. Our Bernadette gilet is the perfect example of this! With Bernadette our story began and she is still one of our most beloved items! 🎀

We can't do all this without the lovely ellemilla girls by our side! Both the girls who give the best of themselves every day in our magic world and YOU who surprise us every day with wonderful orders, sweet mails and beautiful reviews!

You guys make everything so much more beautiful for us... 💕
Together with you we are one big ellemilla family! 🥰