Last week I already took you on my inspiring ellemilla trip to my hometown Antwerp 😍 We did a lot of fun shoots with outfits from the new collection!

I then showed you a romantic outfit with the beautiful white one DOTTI maxi dress 👗Today I show you an easy outfit that looks casual, dressed with classy items! ✨


I went to the fairytale with my husbandHendrik Conscienceplein in Antwerp! For me a nostalgic place where I regularly hung out with friends in good weather ☀️ It is one of the most beautiful hidden places in Antwerp if you ask me ⛪️ The historic heart of the city!

In our early teens we brought some food and drink and we could chill for hours! At a later age you could often find us in Salon de Thé Claude where we went for lunch or breakfast! Pure gastronomic pleasure .... 🥨

Get inspired!

My outfit is therefore inspired by this location! A casual comfyoutfit with soft tones and classy details ... like the creamyDOILY sweaterwith embroidered laced detailswhich refers to the Baroque style of the square hihi 🎀 

The sweater itself is made from a very soft knitted fabric with (openwork) details in the fabric. The collar provides extra warmth in this colder weather! 🤗

The HI MOM! gray Denim pants completes my casual outfit!👌 The name says it all: a nice mom jeans with a high-waist model that makes our legs look even longer! Yes please 😍

Classy pieces

The pants have a tougher look, so we dress them up with stylish pieces to balance the cool & classy 🎀  

I wrap myself in the creamy CLASSY LADY coat because the color matches perfectly with the Doily sweater! You can wear this half-length coat with so many outfits and finishes every look in style 💠

She doesn't need more than three brown buttons, striking side pockets and a long collar to look really stylish.This coat is the right choice for a business or elegant look ... the slightly oversized and simple fit exudes class and style! ✨

Happy feet

The biker-inspired boots remain a hot trend this season! The diamonds on the sides and the shiny white lacquer look give your outfit a unique look classy finishing touch 🖤

Last year these boots in black were a real bestseller !! But these white boots should certainly not be inferior, they fit under all your mom jeans and can also be worn perfectly in the spring! 🌸

Finishing touch

The shiny SNAKE SMALL handbag can go into town with me! A super easy shoulder bag where you can store just enough things for a day in the city! Moreovershe is a real combination winner 😍

The bag has a shiny snake skin with lacquered black spots here and there! 🐍
Soo edgy & stylish !! ✨ 
The black chain with fabric handle provides a cool finishing touch and more grip!

What do you think of my look? 😍I'd love to hear about it in the comments below !! Shop my look up now ellemillashop.comif you're looking for a comfy look, styled with classy pieces! ⚡️

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