Dear Diary: Dream like a Bohemian 🌿

Dear Diary,

I'm still enjoying the blissful temperatures of last week! ☀️ A blissful beginning of the extra long Easter vacation! It has pleased me and the boys so much.... So much joy that we now crave for it extra hard! That wonderful feeling disappeared like snow under the sun, literally 😂

Hihi fun anecdote: last Monday Vin had a lash hang loose and then I always tell them they can make a wish and then they blow it away.... and he wished, "I wish it was summer!" hihi but on Tuesday we woke up to a thick layer of snow! What a contrast 😅 And Vin said: 'well mom.... That wishing of yours doesn't work haha! But we secretly keep that wish with us and when the sun shines again we know it's because of Vin!

Sunshine is the best medicine

Back to that summery feeling of last week! We have to put up with the current situation but I must say that the sunny spring weather makes staying home a little more enjoyable.... Also for the boys... It has put all the worries aside for a while and we enjoyed it to the fullest! The garden sprinkler and water guns were brought out, I put pillows and blankets in the grass for lunch.... delicious 😍 

Your life is your garden, your thoughts are the seeds!

Sunny weather is always great for shoots! That way I can display the clothes in the perfect picture for a top summer feeling ☀️ So that was on the schedule in the afternoon! My thoughts immediately went all directions hihi, warm weather does something to a person! The garden is also my place where I can get creative... here I can do whatever I want 😊 

I wanted to create a super cozy corner where the Bohemian summer vibes are splashing! I brought out the shoot material and immediately started to decorate with a large white canvas, a carpet full of fringes (a typical boho element), a large vase with dried flowers, a table with freshly picked flowers and yes another vase with dried flowers hihi! After half an hour of decorating I am super happy with the result! 🌿✨

If only I could leave this place like this forever, so cozy! 😂

"Bohemian (n.)
Wanderer, a person, musician, artist or writer who lives a free spirited life
and believes in truth, freedom and love!"

— ellemilla

3, 2, 1... SHOOT!

Time for the shoot! The warm weather inspired me for the new collection! The boho trend was already hip & trendy last year.... and is here to stay for a long time! I'm so glad because this cheerful and relaxed style fits totally in the ellemilla picture ✨ 

Bohemian also means 'Wanderer, a person, musician, artist or writer who lives a free spirited life and believes in truth, freedom and love'... a meaning I can totally relate to! That feeling of freedom & love, the pursuit of my dreams, stimulating my creativity by getting lost in my thoughts with the help of meditation and yoga!

Bright floral dresses, aztec patterns, airy tetra fabric, romantic lace, fringes and embroidery, eye-catching jewelry, rattan bags.... they all belong to the bohemian look! Completely matches that free, dreamy bohemian style ✨ 

Ready for a big dose of sun, summer & oh  yeah Vin hihihi!

Trend Alert: Aztec

For the first look of the shoot I chose the dresses with an aztec pattern! Aztecs are known for their bright colors and graphic prints that you see coming back in different ways! A real boho print! 🌸

I have the dress in a short AND a long version! Both are equally cute... When the weather is sunny I prefer the shorter dress so my legs can get a tan hihi 😊

The maxi dress also has a very summery look because of the wide bottom that swings along lightly 🌿 That loose fit is a typical element of an aztec dress just like the trumpet sleeves!

I got them in four colors for four different looks: black, mint green, camel and pink! 

How to style

This dress screams summer & boho! That's why I finish it off with matching accessories like sunglasses and flip flops! If I go out to have a drink with friends later on when the weather is allowed, I'll add the new Shelley Shopper Bag and a hat! Beach, I'm coming for you ☀️

Hihi Vin came and saw that it was good! Isn't it great, enjoying dino cakes in his dino pajamas 😁 This is also a real pleasure for me! His dino's even match the pattern of my dress hihi, yes it has been thought about 😏

"She was born to be free, let her run wild in her own way and you will never lose her!"

— ellemilla

Tetra time

Time for look number 2! On the loungers 😊 Just a zen moment!

Tetra is hip, wthere's no ignoring it! It is an extremely soft and natural material with a checkered embossed pattern 🌿 Combined with the lace details, this blouse gets a touch of bohemian!

The blouse has an oversized fit thanks to the low shoulder seam! The airy cotton fabric combined with a loose fit is truly a dream combination or 'relief' in sunny spring weather ☀️ Feeling free!

I got them in four colors: ecru, pink, white and black! They all feature a button row with shiny mother of pearl buttons, hidden behind a laced knitted layer 🎀 The collar, shoulder seam and sleeve ends are also decorated with that same detail! So are you still looking for an up and coming spring/summer piece? Then you are going to be very happy with these Tetra blouses! One of my favorite pieces of the moment!

How to style

It was a warm day so of course I went for a jeans short! This blouse is great tucked into your high waisted pants or shorts but also loose over your pants/shorts! Whatever you feel best in 😊 Just feel free! I enhance the bohemian look by combining it with a hat and a few rings ✨ For now still on bare feet, but once I leave I'll wear slippers or easy sneakers underneath and a shopper bag!

Just a little dreaming before I go to look 3!

Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.
Wherever you go, go with all your heart!"

— ellemilla

Dreamy Lace

A typical boho element? Without a doubt lace, ruffles & embroidery! 🎀 Looks so dreamy! This top has it all...

The fabric has has openwork details all around embellished with a broderie trim in the shape of a flower! 🌸 Ooh and those shoulders.... LOVE IT! These were given short butterfly sleeves by falling nicely over the shoulder at the top and back inward to the waist.... The ruffled edges are finished with openwork details!

I kept my grey jeans shorts! A summer basic that every woman should have in her closet 😊 You can combine it with so much! With a lace top or airy blouse you're always in the right place! Sunglasses and a hat are a must!

Dear Diary,

Thank you for listening, thank you for keeping my memories alive!

Dear you,

Thank you too for reading my blog post! 💕 I hope I was able to inspire you again! And you still enjoy 20% discount on everything 😍 Enjoy! And euh if you have a loose lash, you know what to wish for lol 😂

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