Spring '21,
we're ready for you!

Hi sweethearts,

How nice that you are here again! 😍
I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your wonderful sale orders! It was another blissful sale period thanks to you!  💕

The sale period is also a period for me to think about the new season 😊 Get inspiration about the new trends and make sure that those trends have the necessary ellemilla feeling! So I did & girls... I can assure you: it will be another fantastic season full of beautiful must-haves 😍 Below I give you a preview hihi!

SS21... I'm so ready for you!

A trip down memory lane

Besides getting inspired by the new spring/summer collections, this time I also took time for myself to recharge... To put everything together and think about where ellemilla can improve and grow! I want to take a step back from the past year and focus on my dreams so I can give you even more of an ellemilla experience!

I closed 2020 on my Instagram stories with a nice one trip down memory lane... The path I took to get to where we are today! For me, it was blissful to dive back into the archive again! But what happened next was magical ...✨ You sent a lot of responses and I was purely spoiled by all your sweet words! I still think back to it with a warm heart and a big smile 😍

More than a shop!

The nice thing to see was that many of you still follow me after all these years, but also a lot of people who did not know my story yet and who responded very sweetly! That's why I'm determined to show you more ellemilla this season. Not only collections, but I will take you further into my head (and my heart 😉)! Because ellemillashop is not just an online shop...

Each piece is chosen or designed with love! Always with the same goal: to make YOU feel good and beautiful! When you wear something you feel comfortable in, you will radiate that too.

A good feeling is always what I want to share with you! Whether you're in the shop, on social media or here on the blog! 💕 I want to be there for you when you are looking for something specific for example, for your questions about sizes or just to listen to your story! Get to know each other even better 😊

Let's get to know each other!

That already starts here! On this blog because it got a completely new look where I will be ready for you every week to give more styling advice, share personal stories, get inside my head and to get a look behind the scenes every now and then 🤗

What can you expect this new season? Well... let me tell you!

Pretty Pastels

This season is all about sweet colors, soft feelings & comfy fits!
Pastel colors are dominating this season and I can only applaud it!
Pastel looks very dreamy, soft & sweet 💕

Instant happy vibes! Gilets, sweaters, blouses, dresses...
get ready for a pastel party!


Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

Accessories Make Everything Better

Accessories finish off every outfit to perfection!
They make fashion life so much more fun 😊 We can expect some statement pieces this season! Think diamonds, pearls... all the trimmings!
Statement pieces that give your casual outfit that classy touch.

But I also provide a lot of accessories under the guise of 'simple elegance' that provide just that little bit extra, such as hairpins, chain necklaces, rings,...


Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

Knitwear To Love

Knitwear is for all seasons!

For the spring collection I provide lovely oversized sweaters & gilets in soft spring colors such as mint green, soft pink and baby blue, combined with light mom jeans for the ultimate comfy outfit with a soft touch.

I always make sure you have an easy fit that makes you feel comfy all day!
Step into classy heels to finish the whole feminine 👠


Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

Flowers & Paisley

If we look at the fashion trends for 2021, prints are not to be forgotten! Think of the cheerful paisley motif or a cheerful floral print...

We would love to see those cheerful prints on a girly dress with ruffles here and there or a skirt with layers! At ellemilla you will find them in abundance 👀


Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

Extra Long & Comfy Bernadettes

Be prepared! Because the Extra Long & Comfy Bernadettes are coming!

The Extra Long & Comfy Bernadette has long been a fixture in the ellemilla collection! This for these simple reasons: they are extra long, comfy & baggy! You wear them in cold weather, in spring and on cool summer evenings... one for each season 🤗

A color for everyone! So we have the classic toppers back in like beige, grey, café au lait... that you can combine with any outfit but also fresh spring colors 🌸 and a few eyecatchers! 💥


So darlings, hopefully you're all caught up in the spring fever now too!
I'm already super excited about the soft, dreamy & girly colors 🌸🍡 It's a trend that totally fits ellemilla!
This is just a taste because there is still so much more to come! Can't wait to show you girls 🤩

and so much more...

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