No big family parties this year, no New Year's receptions at work, and no clubbing with your friends... but please don't let it take away from the festive atmosphere! 🎉

On the contrary, put on your most festive outfit and shine like before ✨ Even if it is at home at the dining table... or on the couch... who cares! We end the year in style and no different 🎉 So join me & join the party!😏

Do you want to be dressed festively? Just do it girl! Or do you stay in your 'stay at home' mood? All good! Or why not a mix of the two? A comfy outfit with a touch of glam... As long as you feel good!

Glamor never takes a day off ✨

I picket out some ultimate party pieces for you for a little outfit party 😊 Blouses with a glossy satin look, long dresses with a touch of gold, metallic pants or skirts with a shiny look and of course fancy accessories to finish it off such as a PU leather cap, statement earrings and fishnet tights! I made a small collection of the items in the moodboard below, but actually I think almost everything on the website is very suitable for your home party with your bubble! 😊

Mix of Comfy & Class

Our new quoted ellemilla sweaters combine the best of both worlds: a delightful oversized fit with fancy logos! In my opinion, they are the ideal end-of-year gift and the ideal companion for your cozy days at home/at work! 🎁 

Or just nice sweaters, sweater dresses & gilets with a touch of glam! Ideal to spend the holidays in the necessary comfort with still a glamorous touch ✨ Ideal combo! Then I think for example of:

- Show Them Shoulders (beige & black)

- Ready to Glow (lilac, pink & off white)

- Long Lightning

- Helena Gilet

- Winter pearls sweater dress (off white & black)

- Milou sweater (black, grey & cafe au lait)

I'm going to Club Bed

Club Bed, I will definitely go there during the holidays haha! With one of our ultra soft comfy sets and a good book, of course 😍 Aaah inhale, exhale. 🧘‍♀️ A little recharging does wonders! And since we won't be able to do much this end of the year, this is a must... I'm just listing a few sets:

- Stay At Home Soft Pink

- No Place Like Home (I wear in the picture!)

- I Found You Sand

- Leopard Lifestyle Camel

I really don't care what outfit you spend the holidays in, as long as you feel good! That is the most important 😊 And this year we can just keep walking around in our comfy set for days... So do it without shame! We have earned that after such a year 😍

Dear ones, enjoy these last days of 2020! I want to conclude with the quote:

2020, time to go!
2021, time to glow ✨

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