live life in full bloom!

Hi sweethearts,

What a blissful week this was?! 🌸 We got to enjoy beautiful weather, those first rays of sunchine on our faces, the birds chirping, the blue sky and the soft spring breeze blowing past us! Ahhh what a pleasure that was ☀️

It felt like a reward and a party for everyone! I hope you enjoyed it too!

My daily dose of happiness... I started talking about this the other day too... The small everyday things that I am extremely grateful for and that brighten up my day completely! Like this past sunny weekend... I can really recharge from that 😊

I seek and cherish them every day! I regularly write them down in my little book, but it might also be nice to make this a theme too... For example, I'm thinking of a Lucky Look of the Week, linked to a personal story!

So let's start with my first Lucky Look! Hihi, by the way, such a nice word to pronounce 😃

Why Lucky Look? Because a beautiful outfit can just make me very happy! I chose the most dreamy dress from the collection: Dare to Dream was also one of the first pieces that I chose for the new collection and believe me... it was love at first sight!

When it was still terribly cold outside and we couldn't think of spring for a long time, I was already dreaming of a fresh spring breeze, fresh flowers and this beautiful dress! 🎀 The perfect picture...

Coincidence or not, the fact that we could drop off this dress this week with this beautiful weather made me very happy!
Just going to score those fresh flowers in my new favorite dress... aah that feels good! Life live in full bloom 🌿🧘‍♀️

My Dear Cis

My oldest son Cis is also so fond of the changing of seasons!
Almost every day he wants to check the calendar to see when "the next season or the next party" wil start! Who would he get that from hihi 🙈

A week full of snow and a week later beautiful spring weather!
He can appreciate it all so much but it also brings  a 1000 questions:
How did this happen mom? How many degrees will it be tomorrow?
How come you see the moon in the day?
Why are there butterflies already?
Thinking about the simplest things, wanting to know everything!
Can you still remember it yourself?
And do you still do it sometimes?
I recently realized that I had stopped doing it years ago!
Pity... Luckily
Cis opens my eyes again and I watch, think and learn along with him! Another daily dose of happiness 🌿


Soft spring weather calls for dreamy dresses! When I think of a dreamy dress I think of lace, embroidery, subtle details, soft tones ... this one's got it all 🎀

I also have a black version that looks very classy, ​​while this creamy color goes full on for that dreamy & bohemian look! Both very different but oh so beautiful...

The dress wears loose and moves so dreamy when you walk!
This is because of the light lace 😊 No worries, the dress features a plain beige dress underneath for a beautiful whole 🌿

A super cool detail that adds to the fit is the laced-up neck! You can tighten this at the top as desired so that the dress fits you like a glove 🎀 This and so many more details to be discovered by you!

Here's to chasing your dreams in your favorite dress...

- ellemilla

Sold out

Sold out

Look cute, keep it cool

I love to pimp a lace dress with cool accessories!

Look cute, but keep it cool hihi!

Layer up

Some days can still be very chilly, so I choose the cool Love Leather jacket!
No other item is as versatile as a leather jacket... The leather fabric is very comfortable to wear and moves nicely with you, not at all stiff so it fits perfectly 👌

Heads up

After last season I got the hang of it and Cis too hihi! 😜 Mrs. Ricci consists of black & gold braids! The golden thread shimmers beautifully & looks super classy!

I didn't choose the most eye-catching ones, but deliberately keep it very stylish so that you can easily combine them on your dreamy dresses!

Step up

A dress and cool biker boots... It sounds like two completely different worlds, but in this case it is a match made in heaven! The boots look fantastic with a sweet dress 😊 So with these boots you are taking a step in the right direction! They consist of PU leather for an extra tough look 🖤

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

On to even more sunny days because last weekend tastes like more hihi ☀️
And there are still so many fun spring must-haves on the way... I can't wait to show you them!
But for now: enjoy your weekend loves!

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