Ooh I remember it well dear ones... that period at the end of 2019, the beginning of 2020... when I was looking back for a moment to find 'who is ellemilla anyway?' And 'what does ellemillashop stand for?'! ellemilla is creative and has so many dreams... And ellemillashop should be more than just scoring and selling nice outfits.

There was too little creativity, too much the same! I was tired, tired of that routine... I missed designing and being able to brainstorm about my collections for hours, getting inspiration... searching for fabrics and feeling them in order to create pieces with them! You could read all that in this blog post ...

It was time for a new challenge! I had to and would make my ideas and dreams come to life... Just taking the first step was enough because believe me, my head is spinning with ideas and dreams every day 😅 If only we would start with making one dream come true, one that I have had in my head for so long and where all the pieces of the puzzle would fall into place! 💪

Yes: release my own collection!

You probably already guessed it hihi, but indeed one of my big dreams was to release my own large collection! A collection that I fully support and in which you can find a part of myself 😊 After days of brainstorming, making moodboards and browsing Pinterest undisturbed, I knew exactly which way I wanted to go!

Since the inception of ellemilla, it has always been my goal to make women - regardless of age, skin color, character... - feel beautiful... & to reflect their inner self to the outside world through clothes they feel good in! 🎀  

From that point of view, I started developing a concept with the aim of creating a beautiful collection with pieces that every woman feels good about!

Be your best self!

I soon came up with the word 'Self Love'. I came up with feel good quotes around the theme because I want you to be reminded every day that you should love yourself in the first place! I also like the idea that when someone reads these quotes on a sweater or shirt, they are also reminded of this 😊

I only wanted pieces that make you feel comfy all day long! Think of basic shirts, oversized shirts, shirts with a v-neck, basic sweaters and sweaters with a loose fit 🎀 I also wanted a fabric that you can wear all year round, that feels soft, that ventilates well and gives you the necessary freedom of movement! Every detail has been carefully thought out: the label on the side, the seams, the colors, the font and the fabric of the different logos!

We also got to treat ourselves to a brand new logo, a new corporate identity and a new website! Everything started to fall together... I still look very proudly at our logo every day... It has really become the guiding principle throughout our collections 😍💕

After weeks of deciding and making choices, the big moment was there... the delivery of the samples! 🤗 And WOW!!! That moment was so special... One to never forget! I still think about that with so much pride...

So I'm happy to put a few pieces from that collection here!

Wow... what a positive response!!! It still gives me goosebumps when I think about it... finally my own dream that I had made come true and then also so many beautiful reactions from you on top of that.. MAGICAL! 😍 You confirm it: loving yourself is oh so important! Your support & love gave me a lot of motivation to continue 'Self Love'.

SELF LOVE II - The next chapter ღ

'Self Love II' consists of the same fittings, the same quality & the same comfort! But surprised with brand new designs in soft & dreamy pastel colors for the slightly warmer days 😊 For the ultimate dreamy look, I created beautiful tulle skirts! A successful second Self Love collection and a second dream come true 😍 HAPPY YOU & HAPPY ME!

Dream. Believe. Do. Repeat.

And as this title says: Dream. Believe. Do. Repeat... We simply go for a third collection! This one is more focused on the cozy winter days ❄️ Baggy sweaters and yes, a first: hoodies too! With cozy quotes in shiny details to end the year in style 😊 I also added a new color: cream because this color looks warm and combines very well!

When I think about it now, I realize that we have achieved a lot in one year! 3 own collections, a new look 'n feel... this is simply ellemillashop! This is me... this is ellemilla... & I'm proud of who I am💕 I am very happy with where we are now, believe me! But there is still that one voice that says, come on Sarah, keep on dreaming and keep living your dreams! Life is so short... it is now that we have to do it 😊 So dear ones, get ready for plenty more new projects! I'm so ready for it 😍

Starting today I will be happy to give you a 50% discount on everything from 'My Label'! 💥

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